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Printing Services

In today’s highly competitive environment, business survive and thrive by providing quality products and services. Quality is the dividing line between the success and less than successful companies. Being in the business of designing, printing and promotional advertising, we understand the importance of quality. Towards that end, we combine the latest technology with the traditional value of high quality workmanship and personal service.

Reliability comes from being competent. We retain the competitive edge through regular investment in people and the latest equipments. We periodically upgrade our technological capabilities and human resources. As a result we have a state of the art digital studio, hi-tech printing press and a team of professional designers, writers, printing technologist, production supervisors and finishing artist.

We have a fully equipped in house designing studio with quality combination of people and equipments. We have high resolution scanners, latest design software and printers. Our team of professionals can deliver the highest quality work in terms of form and content. From concept to finish, you will find everything exceeding your expectations.

We undertake the following for our clients:

* Books/Booklets

* Sticker/Lable/Notepad

* Product Catalogue/Product packaging Inserts/ Instruction manuals

* Directory/Diary/Calendar

* Annual Reports/ News Letters/Journals/ magazines

* Corporate brochures/Company profiles

* Corporate identity (business stationary, logo designing, package designing etc.)

* Advertisement/pop/posters/danglers/ Flyers/ Folders/collaterals

* Design for outdoor communications (hoardings, banners etc.)

* Digital Printing/ Box Packaging/CD ROM Package

Printing is a demanding profession that requires a high degree of dedication, commitment and endless pursuit to Perfection.

VPS Engineering Impex Pvt. Ltd. has made a mark in the printing Industry in a short span of time. VPS today is a unit with complete in - house facilities for Pre-Press, Press and Post Press. Printing and Fabrication with multi Colour fully Computerized printing machines are fit to handle the most complex jobs. Our inhouse team comprises of qualified and highly experienced work staff. Rendering prompt and high quality service at competitive prices is our prime objective.

Printing a quality publication is only part of the process. Timely distribution is equally important. Being a leading publication printer we are proud to send product samples of printing we have printed and the impressive plant facilities are always open for potential clients to tour.

With deadlines, print schedules, and advertisers late submissions – days cut off the finishing cycle can make a great final impact. Every Rs / Dollar saved on pre-press, printing, and mailing is profit in your corporate account.

Once you have finalized your printing material specs, set a target publishing date, and decided to use VPS as your printing partner, our Business Sales Representative will assign your account to a Print Representative from the plant. Plant Print Rep will review your print proposal, can suggest options, and work with setting up your payment terms, and in time visit you regularly to help you in preparing your printing files for print.

Preparing a quality hi-resolution digital file is a critical factor that will deliver a quality print publication. Digital files are being flight checked, postscript, paginate, and given to customers for approval on-line at customers connivance.

We offer a range of paper to meet your requirement. We stock most brands from the basic to the latest designer range. Our team of professionals can also assist in the selection of paper ideally suited for your needs. The Print Representative is always available to coordinate and schedule every aspect. To facilitate timely distribution we offer in-house labeling and mailing that takes advantage of the best postal rates to service your subscribers.

Print Representative may oversee and assist you in choosing the type of paper (stock), Special finishes that you may desire such as overprinting, lamination, varnishes, foil blocking and metallic inks. You may also want to consider embossing or die cutting. Binding options of folding, stapling, saddle stitching, perfect binding and shrink wrapping must also be taken into account when finishing. All of these options will affect both the cost and the look of a finished print job.

V P S Print House is spread in sprawling 3000 Sq. Mt. of land area and is located in near vicinity of Special Economic Zone, on easily approachable route in Hosiery Complex, Phase-II Extension, NOIDA having its registered office in DELHI.

The entire facility is divided into four parts to ensure desired quality and timely deliveries.

• Pre-press department

• Press department

• Post Press department

• Finishing Line

Pre-press department

Our Pre-Press department is equipped with

Computers High speed modern computers for DTP, designing and graphics with CD writers, Internet connection to facilitate down loading of materials around the world instantly.

Printers All the computers are connected with Laser, Inkjet and Dot-matrix printers.

Scanner High resolution scanners are used in the DTP section to scan the prints on urgent basis.

Pasting Unit Pasting unit is handled by highly experienced people with highest of accuracy and speed. Here the processing is being pasted in a systematic order ready to be handed over to Plate making

Plate making Computerized Automatic Process Camera is used for plate making by highly skilled plate makers. Fully equipped Plate Making of wipe on, DPH and P.S. plates which includes Baking Oven to preserve plates for repetitive usage.

Press department

Our Press room is made into fully compartmentalized and modular design where each machine is being given enough space to facilitate our staff to move around and maintain it in dot to dot accuracy while carrying out printing. We have number of machines handled by highly skilled operators for accuracy and speed Sheet fed offset Machine

• Two imported automatic offset machines, which prints four colors at a time.

• Two imported, automatic offset machines of 28” X 40” size prints two color at a time there by doubling the output.

• One-Imported, automatic offset machine of 28” X 40” size prints single color.

• One 10” X 15” size sheet fed offset machine needed for printing of small sized paper.

Reel fed offset Machine

• Web Offset machine (cut size 20” Ronald) most appropriately used for vv of approximately 7”X 9½”. Most useful for printing of study material in the books form. Works efficiently at a high speed printing 16 pages in double color.

• Web Offset machine (cut size 20” Kabeera) most appropriately used for books of approximately 7”X 9½” and useful for printing of study material in the books form. Works efficiently at a high speed printing 16 pages in single color.

Post Press department

All the machines used in this department help the quality and consistency of the production.

Binding After your book is printed it is finished – covered, bound, wrapped, and packed. There are a number of choices to make in these areas. You have several bindery options.

Perfect Bound This is the most popular. The edges are roughed and a hot glue strip is applied. Then the cover is added. Perfect bound books lie flat. Perfect binding is economical.

Case Binding This is hardback. Case binding is expensive and a more intricate process than other binding. It is appropriate for presentation copies and assured bestsellers. Many authors choose to case bind a few hundred copies.

Mechanical Binding This is primarily used for short run Docu-Teching, or P.O.D (Print-On-Demand). It is basically spiral binding or rivet binding. It is acceptable for the office place but not the commercial book market.

Lamination Polyester, Polypropylene, and Nylon Films are used in the Film Lamination process. Your specific application will determine the right film for your particular job. Depending on your application, both one-sided and two-sided applications are available.

UV Varnishing With both gloss and matt finishes available UV varnishing gives a similar effect to lamination although the process is more akin to printing a spot colour. With not quite the same feel as a laminate it has benefits in that it is generally cheaper to employ and can be printed on to discreet sections of a page such as a logo or image. Metallic Inks. These are again spot printed onto a page and can add a bit of oomph to a brochure when used judiciously. They have a reflective quality due to the metallic constituent in the ink. Available in a variety of pantone colours they are best employed fairly simple areas due to the viscosity of the ink.

Hexachrome colours Using six colors instead of the standard four, it is possible to expand the spectrum (or gamut) possible on a full colour print job. This system developed by Pantone© allows enhanced visual impact as well as allowing for special colours to be introduced to a print run without the wash ups and spot plates normally associated with additional spot colours.

Foil Blocking A technique where metallic foil is applied to a page using heat and pressure to create a reflective areas. The effect is usually more eye catching that a metallic ink as the foil has a greater reflective properties and sits on top of the paper rather than being partially absorbed as is the case with the ink. The down side of this is that is is more expensive than metallic ink requiring a special dye to be made and will often be carried out in a specialized workshop.

Embossing The technique of raising up a portion of the page to create a shadow. This like foil blocking, requires a special dye to be made and subsequently can add significantly to the overall cost of a job.

Die cutting A metal tool which punches is hole or edge into a piece of artwork to create a irregular shape in the substrate, usually card or paper. Like a pie cutter in application, A die cutter is often used to create packaging from a regular sheet, but can also be used in brochure design to create an unusual cover or to knockout a hole for a image to show through.

Finishing Line

Shrink Packing Machine To give a finished look to the printed material and also to increase the shelf life of books, making it easily manageable to handle in transportation, it is being shrink wrapped and a set of books can also be wrapped up in a single pack containing many books of same series. Strip Packing Machine Strip packing machine is used to facilitate outstation transportation

Necessary Add ons:-

* Generating sets Two Generating sets to withstand uninterrupted work schedules during electricity failure.

* Stabilizers Stabilizers to supply the stabilized power to machines, so as to minimize wear and tear and maintaining the life span of machines.

* Chander machine Chander machine used for creasing of covers, which is to be ultimately bound to the books.

* Logistic: Annual tie ups with Blaze flash & DTDC for courier services and services of Transporters like TCI , Jaipur Golden etc., are being utilized frequently for outstation.

* Local Transportation We have sufficient arrangements for transportation of Raw material and printed material to and from the factory. Labors are being engaged for transportation on daily wages basis.

* Secured warehouse Available in house of approx. 1000 sq mt of 14 feet height which is sufficient to store printed materials till they are being dispatched to respective destinations Inward / Outward system is being maintained by security agency of our Factory premises.

* Reporting We have engaged few personnel who dedicatedly report the database to the clients on daily basis (whenever required).

* Security Our factory premises & the stock remains insured throughout by Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., NOIDA. We commit ourself to comply with our clients terms and conditions and delivery schedules along with dispatch module keeping a strict vigil on quality. We do understand that time and quality is the essence of our commitment.

* Back up VPS is financially strong & has a well knit network with its suppliers to avail the credits of requisite amount , so that arranging paper & other basic raw material does not become a limiting factor while carrying out bulk productions.

The speedy execution, excellent quality of work, client friendly approach and zero defect services are the, salient features of V P S Print House catering to the need of many establishments of repute in private and public sector.

In fact we have everything that is essential to help us transcend the role of an agency and take up the responsibility as your business partner. We would like to do it by making your experience with us a delightful one. We have already done it for many and we are sure we can do the same for you.