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PETALS : Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Green leaves are the symbol of balance and growth between people & nature.

Red Petals personify energy, passion, action, ambition & determination of mankind.

Yellow pencil epitomize mind, intellect & conscience of society.

Petals is committed to continuously improving its social responsibilities, environmental and economic practices to make positive impact on the society in a sustainable manner while recognizing interest of its stake holders.

Petals is equipped with great strength of extremely capable people, technology, ability of geographical reach using its resources and core competence. Petals has been doing CSR activities in different locations across India to ensure Socio-Economic development of weaker sections of society and for overall conservation of Environment and improvement of Ecological imbalance. In a polite gesture to thanks the society Petals has been taken various initiatives to spread happiness around.


* To undertake Community Development in the neighbourhood areas of operating Sub-Stations/ offices in the areas of environment, health-care and education for social and economic upliftment of needy section of Society.

* Inculcation of banking habits/Financial independence to villagers /women.

* Water cooler for school children & tube wells for villagers.

* Providing various reading cells in different villages for all to learn.

* Make women financially and economically independent through various initiatives.

* Promotion of local culture & festivals.

* Reducing causes of child morality through various initiatives.

* Innovative efforts to improve maternal health worldwide through initializing dialogue, building consensus, filling gaps in knowledge, and sharing information.

* Health awareness, blood donation & free eye camps.

* Mobile medical van equipped with trend doctors & necessary medicine.

* Environment conservation & Green initiatives.

* To provide appropriate assistance and send volunteers and resources for relief and restoration at the times of national calamities.

* To extend assistance to agencies engaged in promotion of education, sports, art & culture, conservation of ecological balance, national monument and heritage.

Key Activities taken up by Petals

Poverty and hunger

Poverty hits children hardest. While a severe lack of goods and services hurts every human, it s threatening to children’s rights: survival, health and nutrition, education, participation, and protection from harm and exploitation. Towards promotion of education in backward communities, especially children of slum dwellers, we have collaborated with a specialized agency for running school for children of slum dwellers.

Mid-day Meals

In accordance with Millennium Development goals of the country, the Corporation extended support by providing kitchen equipments for preparation of mid-day meals to students of Govt. run schools. The project aims to promote school attendance & healthy growth of children, foster social equality & gender equity, and ensures psychological benefits.


Petals focuses on quality education for the underprivileged children (with a special focus on the girl child) - we support projects that strengthen the existing educational system. In other words, remedial education or supplementary classes are provided to children studying mainly in government/municipal schools. The support classes will not only enable the children to perform better but also ensure that they remain in school and do not drop out in any circumstances. Petals has identified the need to focus on early childhood programs for 2 - 6 year olds. As part of our initiatives to support education, we help develop learning places for young children living in large urban slum clusters so that it creates a strong foundation and inculcates social and cultural awareness in them. The activity under this thrust area also encompasses infrastructure development by setting up computer labs, library etc. in schools, in addition to providing computers, desks & benches, books, book shelves, sports items, uniforms, stipends, etc. Such initiatives were conceived for catering to the educational needs of the students from the needy sections of the society.

The following major initiatives are being taken in the field of education:-

* To facilitate in skill development/vocational training and other similar initiatives to improve the skills and employability of the people

* Supplying of study material like bags, books, stationary, study material etc. to needy children

* Educational kits that include uniforms, books, stationery, woolen clothes etc.

* Bridge courses to support dropout children to re-enroll in formal education

* Remedial coaching to potential dropout children to ensure their continuation in formal schooling

* Inclusive and special education for children with special needs, such as mentally challenged and physically disabled children

* Health and nutritional support for children

* Community initiatives for sensitization on importance of education, including parent groups, school enrolment drives, workshops and seminars, and publications

* Holistic development of children through instruction in arts and crafts, street plays, and life skills education


Petals’ healthcare initiatives are in accordance with the objective of providing better healthcare to the needy persons of the society. The CSR initiatives undertaken in this thrust area include provision of doctors & support staff, operation of fully equipped mobile medical units, supply of ambulances, medical equipments, DG sets, etc., to various hospitals, health centers, volunteer bodies, across the country. In addition to this, running and renovation of primary health centers can also be taken up by our experts.

Petals intends to extend the services of providing maternal & child healthcare facilities by organizing specialized health clinics. The medical clinic provides facilities, for gynecologist check-up, blood-test, and free medicine, referral to primary health-centre / govt. hospital and counseling.

Health Care initiatives

* To conduct health surveys, identification of health concern, awareness campaigns, publicity print and electronic media etc.

* To support in conducting regular immunization programme for children.

* To organise regular health camps like family planning, free eye camps, blood donation camps, medical check-up for local community.

* Procurement and distribution of essential medicines.

* Promotion of health education and health awareness.

* Emergency disaster intervention by providing medical aids and medicines.

* Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Infrastructural Development

Petals has accorded due weightage and highest allocation in infrastructure development by creating physical assets like construction of roads, culverts, community centre, classrooms, toilets, tube wells, bore wells, ponds, submersible pumps, drinking water facilities, sewage drains, etc. To leverage our telecom infrastructure and to take the internet revolution and computers into the remotest villages, a conspicuous initiative has been undertaken to provide broadband connectivity.

Infrastructural initiatives

* To augment basic infrastructure facilities like building community centre, panchayat ghar, water drains, tube wells, ponds, drinking water roads etc. as per the needs and aspirations of local inhabitants.

* To facilitate in creation/up-gradation of primary health centre/education institute i.e school, library, play ground etc. in partnership with the external agencies and the local community. Priority is given to those schools / primary health centers which are operating but do not have facilities like building, equipments etc.

Art, Culture and Heritage

Petals is dedicating itself for the promotion of different folk Arts and also trying to help in some social issues of our country. Its main aim is to create awareness among the common masses about the social problems and promotion of our traditional Art and Folk through the mode of theater plays, cultural programs. Petals’ aim is to reach out to grass root and explore the hidden talent amongst youth and empower them so that they should feel proud about their rich Culture.


* To extend assistance to agencies engaged in promoting of art & culture.

* To encourage & provide platform to amateur artists in the field of instrumental and vocal music, dance and theatre. Also provide support to artists of traditional folk dance and songs for keeping the art alive for posterity.

* To organise conservation of national monuments and cultural heritage sites on selective basis.

Ecology and Environment

Petals efforts is to ensure ecological balance and protection of environment.Petals has planned for plantation of saplings across the country.


* To promote community plantation and forestry programmes.

* To extend assistance to agencies engaged in promoting of conservation of ecological balance.

* To organize workshops/conferences/symposia on social and environmental issues such as on consumer rights, carbon emission, climate changes etc.

* To encourage initiatives for reducing consumption of fossil fuels which are fast depleting, promoting conservation of energy and promotion of solar, renewal energy, etc.

Promote employability/self-employment

* To solve the unemployment problem amongst the rural youth as well as to create a pool of skill manpower, vocational training for women & unemployed youth are being conducted in the areas of tailoring, stitching, embroidery, automobile repairing & servicing, handloom weaving, food & fruit processing, CNC lathe machine operation, welding, repairing of household electrical equipments, domestic wiring, etc. These initiatives cover the cost of training, guidance, stipend to the trainees and overall support for employment/ self-employment thereby facilitating the socio-economic empowerment of their families.

* To support in holding of veterinary camp for the live-stock and encourage animal husbandry and dairy farming to create self-employment opportunities for un-employed youth.

* To promote development of village artisans and craftsmen in order to enhance their earning capacity.

Other activities

* To provide appropriate assistance and send volunteers & resources for relief/ restoration work at the times of national calamities.

* To interact, collaborate and promote partnership with other related national and international agencies/organization and seek funds/grants for specific programmes /projects.

* To initiate Special Development & Welfare Programme in tribal-area.

Community development by promoting gender equality and empowering women

* Strengthen women’s security in crisis: stop violence against women

* Advance gender justice: provide justice and security for women

* Expand Women’s citizenship, participation and leadership: advance women as decision makers

* Build peace with and for women: involve women in all peace processes

* Promote gender equality in disaster risk reduction: value women’s knowledge and experience

* Ensure gender-responsive recovery: support men and women to build back better

* Transform government to deliver for women: include women’s issues in the national agenda

* Develop capacities for social change: work together to transform society

* Reduce child morality

* Improve maternal health

Keeping in view of the unique character, the profile of CSR domain of PETALS has been kept very diverse, trying to align its goals with the goals and objective set by UN and other nodal agencies. Petals would extend its wings across borders as the world has compressed into global village by the introduction of internet and web technologies. Petals invite industry associates, corporate, government bodies, researchers and academia to join hands with us in improving the society.