Dr. Shiv Kumar Rai

Delhi based TV journalist & Column writer. Freelance anchor with Doordarshan. More than 17 years in the field of journalism in different functional areas, 500 articles published in national & regional newspapers of India on socio-political issues of India. Dr. Rai has worked with Nav Bharat, Dainik Jagran, Zee News, Aaj Tak, Voice of India etc.
“State Young Scientist award 1998" from Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh.


PAUL McGEE is an international speaker, a best¬-selling author and performance coach. He’s Managing Director of his own training and education company and also the proud creator of SUMO (Shut Up, Move On®).

Paul’s main aim is to help people achieve better results in life, whilst having more fun in the process. He has spread the word about SUMO in 33 countries across the globe to date. Paul has worked with major organizations in both public and private sectors as well as small businesses and charities. Paul is founder member and fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, a fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing and an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development.
His latest passion in life apart from seeing Bradford City climb up the football league is to spread the SUMO message into schools.
He is married to Helen and has two teenage children Matt and Ruth who are perhaps his biggest teachers in life and remind him not to take himself too ¬seriously.

Vikas Tomar

Vikas Tomar is a third generation entrepreneur with a track record of creating successful new media businesses. He is currently heading AAG and Pixel Galaxy as CTO. His co-production initiative for CH-14, Pleasure Hunt and Asian animation project resulted PGCIA’s global expansion. His assignments in techno-creative field including Visual Effects won domestic and international awards.
He began his career, 18 years ago as Director special effects with Apple authorized digital studio to serve digital video services for Hollywood industry, followed by SGI partner NetAcross as Sr. visualizer. He later served at leading new media pioneers including Rediff, NetMedia and Data Access.
He holds bachelor’s degree in Computer Sc. Engineering from Bangalore University and studied 3D Animation & Visual effects followed by The Producer course from VFS, Vancouver, Canada.
e-mail vikaas.tomar@gmail.com

Lt. Cdr. K.V. Singh (Retd.)

Lt. Cdr. K.V. Singh (Retd.) was commissioned officer, and was in the West Bengal Civil Service (Executive) as Deputy Collector and Magistrate before joining the services. He is widely travelled within the country and abroad. He has authored five books (Quiz India, Our National Flag, Colorful World of Flags, Our Coins & The Indian Tricolour) and compiled two (An Insight into World Religion and rites and rituals of Hindus and Muslims of Undivided India) besides contributing, articles, stories and poems to National dailies and other periodicals.
He has also been an anchor and participant in numerous television programmes.

Bijnan Sutar

An alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. Shri Bijnan Sutar was working as a journalist for prominent newspapers.

An experienced editor of children books was also associated with publication of very popular series called Nehru Bal Pustakalaya of National Book Trust India. Currently he is working with NCERT, New Delhi.

Manorama Jafa

Manorama Jafa is a well-known writer for children. She has written many books, which include picture books, novels and a book on popular science. She has written over 600 stories for children and articles on literature for children which have been published in magazines and periodicals in India and other countries. Through her workshops for writers, which she has been organizing from time to time at New Delhi since 1977, she has trained a large number of writers. She has particularly encouraged and developed new talent and has pioneered a movement for creative writing and better books for children in India.

Mrs. Jafa also directed writers' workshops in Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. She has served as children's book specialist with the Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO. Mrs Jafa is Secretary General of the ‘Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children’ and edits its quarterly journal 'Writer and Illustrator' - the only professional journal on children's literature published in India. She is also editorial consultant with the Children's Book Trust, New Delhi.

Rameshwar Kamboj Saini

जन्म: 19 मार्च,1949 ;शिक्षा : एम ए-हिन्दी, बी0 एड्0 । प्रकाशित रचनाएँ : काव्य-माटी,पानी और हवा ,अँजुरी भर आसीस,कुकडूँ कूँ,हुआ सवेरा,मेरे सात जनम, मिले किनारे , झरे हर सिंगार , झरना,सोनमछरिया, कुआँ ,(पोस्टर कविता) । कथा साहित्य- धरती के आँसू,दीपा,दूसरा सवेरा ,असभ्य नगर, फुलिया और मुनिया( हिन्दी -अंग्रेज़ी ), रोचक बाल कथाएँ । रेडियो नाटक -लोकल कवि का चक्कर ; व्यंग्य- खूँटी पर टँगी आत्मा

सम्पादन: 22 पुस्तकों का सम्पादन,नेट मासिक www.laghukatha.com ; हिन्दी चेतना ( अमेरिका-कनैडा)त्रैमासिक के सह सम्पादक सेवा 32 वर्षों तक केन्द्रीय विद्यालय संगठन में कार्य । केन्द्रीय विद्यालय के प्राचार्य पद से सेवा निवृत्ति। नई दिल्ली-110085, ई मेल rdkamboj@gmail.com

Dr. Ira Saxena

डॉ. इरा सक्सैना बाल-साहित्य की प्रतिष्ठित लेखिका हैं। अंग्रेजी और हिन्दी में सभी वर्ग के बच्चों के लिए अनेक पुस्तकें लिखी हैं- कथा संग्रह, उपन्यास, अकथा साहित्य, पिक्चर-बुक और बाल-साहित्य पर आलोचना, लेख आदि। लेखन के लिए अखिल भारतीय स्तर पर अनेक पुरस्कारों से सम्मानित हुई हैं। विशेष हैं - ‘शंकर पुरस्कार’ और जर्मनी में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय ‘व्हाइट रेवन’ सम्मान।

उनका लेखन यथार्थवादी और संवेदनशील है। उनकी कहानियाँ और उपन्यास साइबर-क्राइम, एडवेन्चर और ऐतिहासिक संदर्भों के साथ मानवीय भावनाओं का विश्लेषण करती हैं। वयस्कों के लिए रचित कहानियाँ कथा-संग्रहों में प्रकाशित हुई हैं। डॉ. सक्सैना बाल-साहित्य समालोचना, लेखों द्वारा राष्ट्रीय और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलनों में प्रायः भारत का प्रतिनिधित्व करती हैं। बाल-साहित्य की अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संस्था इबी के कार्यकारिणी मंडल की सदस्या रहीं डॉ. सक्सैना वर्तमान में एसोसिएशन ऑफ राइर्ट्स एण्ड इल्सट्रेटर्स फॉर चिल्ड्रेन की संस्थापक सदस्या और सचिव होने के साथ बुक थैरेपी प्रोजेक्ट की प्रणेता हैं। जीवन की विषमताओं से आहत बच्चों को उपयुक्त पुस्तकों द्वारा सांत्वना पहुँचाने के कार्यक्रम में सतत् प्रयत्नशील हैं। डॉ. सक्सैना 2012 में आयोजित ‘अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बुक थैरेपी सम्मेलन’ की मुख्य वक्ता और अध्यक्षा थीं। ‘बुक थैरेपी’ उनके कार्यक्षेत्र में महत्वपूर्ण है, और उनके सृजन को विशिष्ट दृष्टिकोण प्रदान किया है।

Renu Saini

रेनू सैनी का रचना संसार अत्यंत व्यापक है। अभी तक उनकी दो पुस्तकें प्रकाशित हो चुकी हैं। उन्हें ‘बचपन का सफर’ नामक पुस्तक के लिए भारत सरकार के सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्रालय के प्रतिष्ठित पुरस्कार ‘भारतेंदु हरिश्चन्द्र’ से पुरस्कृत किया गया है। इसके अतिरिक्त उन्हें विद्यालय व विश्वद्यालय स्तर पर भी अनेक पुरस्कार प्राप्त हुए हैं। उन्हें चार बार दिल्ली सरकार की हिन्दी अकादमी के नवोदित लेखक पुरस्कार एवं आठ बार आशुलेखक पुरस्कार से सम्मानित किया गया है।

उनकी एक कहानी ‘अद्भुत प्रतिभा’ को मधुबन पब्लिशर्स के द्वारा पांचवीं कक्षा की हिन्दी पाठ्य पुस्तक पुस्तक ‘वितान’ में शामिल किया गया है। इनकी कहानियां, लेख अनेक राष्ट्रीय व अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर के समाचार पत्रों व पत्रिकाओं में प्रकाशित होते रहते हैं। सम्प्रति: यह रक्षा मंत्रालय में सेवारत हैं।

Dr. Amrit Kaur Bindusar

वरिष्ठ लेखिका, व्याख्याता एवं प्राध्यापिका डॉ. अमृत कौर ‘बिन्दुसार’ की रचनाएं हमेशा से ही समाज को मार्गदर्शित करती रही हैं। व्यावहारिक जीवन को बहुत करीब से समझने वाली डॉ. कौर ने अपनी लेखनी के माध्यम से सभी सामाजिक कुरीतियों का जमकर विरोध किया है और लोगों को इन सब से ऊपर उठकर स्वस्थ समाज के निर्माण की बात कही है। बचपन से ही मेधावी रही डॉ. कौर ने अर्थशास्त्र विषय में परास्नातक और डाक्ट्रेट की उपाधि अर्जित की है। वहीं अपनी साहित्यिक अभिरूचि को पूर्ण आयाम देने के लिए डॉ. कौर ने जनसंचार विषय में स्नातकोत्तर की डिग्री ली।

डॉ अमृत कौर की रचनाएं स्थानीय पत्र-पत्रिकाओं में प्रकाशित होती रही हैं। उनके प्रथम दो काव्य संग्रहों ‘मेरी बात सुनो’ और ‘हवा में घर’ को पाठकों ने बहुत सराहा और ये रचनाएं कुरूक्षेत्र विश्वविद्यालय में शोध का विषय बनीं। वहीं इनका बाल काव्य साहित्य ‘धरती के आंसू’ बच्चों के लिए प्रेरणादायी है। सम्प्रति: प्राध्यापिका, शिक्षा विभाग, हरियाणा सरकार

Janak Vaid

जन्म - 1940 में पश्चिमी पंजाब के चक संख्या 468-तहसील समुन्द्री जिला लायलपुर (फैसलाबाद) के सिख जमींदार परिवार में। देश के बंटवारे के बाद, तीन वर्ष इधर-उधर भटकने के बाद, करनाल के पास सलारू नामक गाँव में निवास। गाँव में स्कूल न होने के कारण, अपनी गुणवान माँ और बड़ी बहन के सहयोग से पंजाब विश्वविद्यालय से दसवीं की प्राइवेट परीक्षा पास की और फिर शादी। शादी के बाद पारिवारिक जिम्मेदारियों और बच्चों के साथ फिर से पढ़ते हुए पंजाब विश्वविद्यालय से ही हिन्दी विषय में स्नातकोत्तर की परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण की।

लेखन की प्रवृत्ति बचपन से ही थी, अभी तक कुल 21 पुस्तकें प्रकाशित, जिनमें उपन्यास, लघु कथाएं, दीर्घ कथाएं, नाटक एवं बालगीत शामिल हैं। बाल साहित्य में विशेष रूचि, अनेक पत्र-पत्रिकाओं में बाल साहित्य प्रकाशित।

Pankaj Chaturvedi

Pankaj Chaturvedi (M.Sc. Maths), an editor with National book trust, is writing for almost all the prime journal and newspapers in Hindi since 1982. He has written and translated more than 80 books for children for different renowned publishers and regular columnist of many newspapers & magazines.

He has conducted hundreds of workshops for producing quality children books in all over India and has given expertise to SSA, UNICEF, DIET, PRATHAM and many more organisations.

Dr. Priya Sharma

Dr. Priya Sharma is working as an Assistant Professor in Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. She has been teaching English Literature and English Language since last twelve years. She has qualified NET and UP-SLET. She has also done PGCTE and PGDTE from CIEFL, Hyderabad. She has presented papers in various national and international conferences and many of her research papers have been published in reputed journals. She has worked with sincerity, conscientiousness and dedication throughout her teaching career. She has keen interest in Indo- Canadian Literature and she is interested in exploring various aspects of feminism in the writings of the women writers.

Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya

Presently, Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya is working as a Sports Officer in Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida (UP). Dr. Shrotriya has received the degree of M.Phil in Sports Psychology Specialization LNUPE, Gwalior and has been awarded with Ph.D. from Devi AhilyaVishwavidyalaya, Indore. With over 20 Articles/ Papers in journals of national and international repute, he has authored “Psychological Study on Indian Security Forces” Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany in 2011 and also authored “Yoga Education” for B.Ed. Students, IPSD Publication, New Delhi, India in 2011.

Dr. Smita Rai

Having awarded with a Doctorate degree in Science of Education from Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University, Dr. Smita Rai is currently working as a lecturer at District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Dariyaganj, Delhi. Due to her interest in child psychology and Political Science, Dr. Rai has a good knowledge about women empowerment and children literature. She has presented several research papers in these subjects and also her articles have been published in newspapers. She made her debut into the fiction world with the book “Jeevan Ke Rang”.

Neelam Saxena Chandra

She is a record holder with the Limca Book of Records for being the authorthirty-three books, having the highest number of publications in a year in English and Hindi (2015).She works as Joint Secretary (U.P.S.C.). She has won an award in a poetry contest by American Embassy, Premchand award by Ministry of Railways, Rabindranath Tagore international poetry award and Freedom award by Radio city for her lyrics. She was listed in the Forbes list as one of the most popular seventy-eight authors in the country in 2014.

Ratna Manucha

Ratna Manucha is the Founder Principal of Little Flower School, Dehradun, which was established in the year 1996. She has been writing ever since she can remember and has authored many short stories, poems and even course books in English for children.As a prolific writer, she is particular about the kind of vocabulary young children should be exposed to.Her writing style is simple and easy to understand. She conducts workshops on early childhood training for parents and teachers. She conducts story telling sessions in collaboration with the National Book Trust. She has authored 30 books till date, some of which have also been translated into Hindi.

Neera Sawhney Chopra

Neera Sawhney Chopra is a Numerologist and an Astrologer. She studied at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, and has imbibed her knowledge and learnt from old, traditional teachers in both the disciplines. Being skilled in various disciplines, she is aware of the strengths and limitations of each, and when she gives her predictions and suggestions, she puts together all her knowledge to give a more holistic answer to those seeking her help. Both mother and daughter believe that their calling is to help. Towards this end, they are both Numerologists and Reiki masters. Where Neera is inclined towards Astrology, Ishieta is towards Tarot Readings. They both believe that this is such a large field and that they have so much more to learn, and to share.

Ishieta Chopra

Ishieta Chopra is an MBA working full time in a demanding corporate job. Despite the pressures and the time constraints, she still answers/nurtures the healer within herself and takes out some time for her practice.

S.K. Bhatia
S.K. Bhatia

Mr. S.K. Bhatia is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. For six and a half years, he gained practical experience, in manufacturing electrical equipment in the United Kingdom. He joined the Bharat Heavy Electricals and rose to become its General Manager of Exports. He was loaned to the Ministry of Industry, Government of India, to become Director General of, The Research and Development Organisation of Electrical Industry. Mr. Bhatia has written a book on management, “People Who Make Profits”. His book “Bhukamp Ke Jhatke” won the prize of the Hindi Academy of Delhi. This book has been translated in to English, and Marathi.

Acharya Pratishtha
Acharya Pratishtha

Acharya Pratishtha is an internationally acclaimed Yog Guru, Kathak performer and Guru, Author, Choreographer and a motivational speaker. Daughter of world acclaimed Yog Guru Swami (Dr.) Bharat Bhushanji, (Padma Shri) Acharya Pratishtha has given more than 28 television shows on Yoga and dance on leading TV channels, innumerable Yoga workshops and Kathak performances worldwide, authored several books and approx 20 CDs & DVDs on her subject, choreographed more than 25 dance productions and has been acknowledged by Wikipedia and has millions of viewers at YouTube. Her regular Yoga show "2 minute meinYog" is telecast at ABP News every day.

Mukesh Nangia
Mukesh Nangia

After completing his Medical education in the year 1980, Dr. Mukesh Nangia moved to Britain to get the degree of MRCP. Currently, Dr. Nangia is working in a hospital in US. He was inclined towards poetry writing during his childhood but due to education pressure, he left his passion behind. In the year 2012, he started to relive his passion and began to write Hindi poetry. Asian Television Network, Canada, invited him to recite his poem in 2014.

Sarla Bhatia
Sarla Bhatia

Her articles have been published in magazines like Sarita, Grih Shobha, Illustrated Weekly, Womens Era, NBT, et al. She was also a representative of Delhi Press for five years. She has written story books, poetry, health and beauty guides and several other articles in both, English and Hindi. Her stories and poetry have been broadcasted on AIR and telecasted on Doordarshan Delhi, Bhopal and Kolkata. Mrs. Bhatia is a proud member of Association of writers and Illustrators for Children, Lekhika Sangh and Indian Society of Authors.Few of her books are Dhai Hazar Ke Dhai Biscuits, Bujhte Deep, Mauli Ka Sach, Bas Yahi Tak, Manan, Sundarta Ke Gehne, et al.

Dr. Kavita Bhatt
Dr. Kavita Bhatt

Being a science student in her school days, Dr. Bhatt was inclined towards Yoga and Philosophy. She completed her graduation in English and Social Work. She has completed her D. Phil and UGC NET in Philosophy. Dr. Bhatt is also awarded with JRF, GRF and Post Doctoral Fellowship to women, granted by UGC. Currently, she is a professor and researcher in Philosophy Department at HNB Garhwal Central University, Shrinagar (Garhwal) Uttrakhand. Her collection compiles of three books on YogDarshan, Two Kavya – Sangrah several research papers which are easily available at different websites.

Ruby Malik
Ruby Malik

Currently working as a lecturer (Health and Physical Education) in DIET / SCERT, Delhi, Dr. Ruby Malik obtained her M. Phil and Ph. D. in Physical Education and certificate course in Yoga from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. She has a wide experience of teaching for over eight years in schools and University. Her research papers and articles have been published in reputed newspaper and magazines.

Ruby Malik
Shivangi Sharma

दिल्ली की शिवांगी शर्मा बचपन से लेखन में रूचि रखतीं हैं। बचपन में कभी किसी डायरी में, तो कभी किसी कागज़ के टुकड़े पर इनकी रचनाओं की छाप पड़ती रही। मनोविज्ञान की स्नातक शिवांगी ने अपनी कहानियाँ पूरे विश्व में पहुँचाने तथा लेखन द्वारा ही अपनी पहचान बनाने की ठानी और इस किताब की संरचना की। शिवांगी को बाल साहित्य और काल्पनिक उपन्यास लिखना बेहद पसंद है। बच्चों से जुड़ी कहानियों का संसार और उनमें छिपे सन्देश लेखिका के मन पर गहरी छाप छोड़ते हैं और इनको बाल कहानियाँ लिखने के लिए प्रेरित करते हैं। कहानियाँ लिखने के साथ ही साथ शिवांगी बाल कथावाचन भी करती हैं और अपनी कथावाचन कम्पनी 'टाइमलेस टेल्स' की संथापक हैं।