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Chand Katori

Yog Ke Saiddhantik Evam Kriyatamak Paksh

Discover the path of inner peace and take a step ahead towards a healthy life with the guidelines in in the book - Yog ke sadhantik evam kriyatmak paksh written by Dr. Kavita Bhatt. The author has shared a detailed information about each yog aasan.

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Fearless Fairies on Quest

The four fairies - Simran, Aishwarya, Shaurya and Antara are best friends in Fairyland who are seen spending their time either playing games amongst themselves or with Joy


Numerology- The Power Of Numbers

The techniques specified in this book will be a good way for beginners to understand the principals of numerology and understand how numbers govern our lives. They may, after adequate study of this book and practice, be on the road to developing into capable numerologists themselves. The book gives comprehensive information for that.

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speed health & physical education
speed health & physical education
speed health & physical education
Skill Developement

Skill Development

Skill Developement Initiative by Virtuous Publications is speciall dedicated to give chances to youngsters who have idea, talent and energy but could not get enough opportunities in their respective domains.Follow the link for more information